• Teknofor Ground Improvement


The main purposes of ground improvement techniques; avoid ground pollution or mixture technique to destroy water impermeability to ensure high pore water pressure caused by seismic activity caused by liquefaction is to eliminate the risk. As a result of ground improvement method applied to the density and/or appropriate subfloor drainage capacity or impermeability is increased, the composition is changed.



• Jet Grouting

• Dynamic Compaction

• Stone Column

• Band Drains

• Injection

• Soil Mixing

• Wick Drain

• Vibroflotation


Slope stability and protection

Soil improvement/tightening

Sıvalaşma reduce the risk of

Geçirimsizliği boost

To facilitate drainage

Fix ground pollution

Teknofor Jet Grouting
Jet Grouting
Teknofor Dynamic Compaction
Dynamic Compaction
Teknofor Band Drains
Band Drains
Teknofor Injection
Teknofor Deep Soil Mixing
Deep Soil Mixing